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Tipsy Toppies

Tipsy Toppies is an adult diner that revives the casual dining and lounging experience, connecting adults through a relaxed environment that specializes in providing quality comfort food and drink.


This diner is uniquely known for its adult rendition on the classic dessert drink: the float. The Tipsy Toppies menu features twelve variations of what they call their famous "Fizzies," each spiked with a thoughtfully paired liquor
or liqueur.

Alternatively, Tipsy Toppies offers spiked slushies, or "Freezies," in an array of fun flavors for those who would
prefer something more toned down. With an additional menu of "Munchies" that include classic and comforting appetizers, customers will be tempted to stay and enjoy the atmosphere with their peers.

The Tipsy Toppies logo speaks to a retro aesthetic in its playful use of decorated sans serif typography. Supporting the typography are the colors, which mirror the soft yet vibrant themes that were popular in vintage soda and candy packaging. The logo frames itself in nostalgia while remaining modern in its form and application.

The “bobbing” letterforms in ‘Toppies’ plays on the childish and humorous nature of being tipsy. Additionally, this typographic feature produces a dynamic silhouette that is unique to the brand.

To tie it all together—a nod to the business's notable Fizzies. Three bubbles float up from the shifting letterforms below to add a subtle indication of the establishment's driving product.

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