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Dandelion is a commercial tech company that specializes in selling and repairing electronic devices and parts. Here is the run-down of the brand identity that I designed for this ever-changing business.


Dandelion is a mid-sized family-owned company that was established in 1978. For over four decades, Dandelion has provided personal and exceptional customer service across generations, seeing each customer as an extension of their own family.

With a focus on innovation and staying ahead of the curve, they consider accessibility to be their highest priority and firmly believe that technology should be able to be able to be utilized by all. Their mission is carried out by their handpicked technicians who are experts in troubleshooting, diagnosing devices, and selling the right parts that match the needs of each customer. Above all, they go as far as to perform the repairs and upgrades themselves at Dandelion's in-store locations around the country.




The previous logo for the company was beginning to feel dated in the typography, and did not communicate well in regard to the icon. The icon, intended to look like a profile-view of a flower, was often misconstrued as a sunrise or even a spider. The logo as a whole was not bold enough, nor did it feel connected to the tech world.

Taking inspiration from the old logo, I utilized the circular form of the "pistil" and the 5 cascading "petal" shapes, and reimagined them into something new—a more deconstructed profile of a flower that is also akin to a droid-like character. Pairing the sharper icon with a dynamic typeface and a brightened up blue color scheme forms a logo that feels innovative, fresh, and trustworthy.

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