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I Am a Balloon

A story of self-discovery and independence. A unique, handcrafted narrative that follows the life of a balloon.

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I Am a Balloon was written, designed, and hand crafted and bound by myself. The story follows the life of a balloon, from its conception in a factory to its journey through the air. Reading I Am a Balloon is a melancholic and thought-provoking experience—it is a personal message about self-discovery and independence.


Strewn throughout the book are personal photographs derived from my childhood photo albums. Needless to say, the number of photographs of me as a child holding balloons is plentiful—they were, after all, my favorite toy.

Paired with each spread is a piece of color-printed acetate containing the text of my story. The plastic-like surface allows the reader to look upon my memories through the eye of the balloon itself.


As the book progresses, the photos become increasingly smaller in reference to the balloon floating away into the sky, and watching as the world shrinks below. It also represents the process of growing up; as one discovers who they are, the memories of their childhood become less clear.


I Am a Balloon is closed out by a poem titled 'Red Balloon Rising' by Laurel Blossom. It is a fitting final note to the book's content and theme.

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