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SXSW App Redesign

The music event that draws artists from all over the globe needed an app refresh—here's my take.


With the SXSW Music Festival App, I wanted to take the direction that the original developers were aiming for, but streamline it. I sought to create a user experience that was seamless and visually tidy.

As the user enters the app, they are first greeted with a welcome screen that features the next three lined up events. The user is otherwise guided to the main function of the app—the schedule.


The user can easily search for their desired performer, event, or venue. The search bar conveniently shows the user's previous searches, and also blurs the background of their current screen so the visual focus is on the search element.

This screen samples a search result. Search results are sectioned by 'Events' and 'Suggested,' though a further category of 'Venues' would be added in the case the user searched something regarding a specific location. In this case, the user searched 'Abraham Alexander,' a performer, whose two events are listed at the top. In the 'Suggested' section, the user is given information on other performers like Abraham Alexander based on genre and time of event.


The user can click on any performer's element on any screen it is displayed, which results in a fresh screen that gives a full run-down of details pertaining to the event. There is also a synopsis of the artist/performer that the user can expand and read, if applicable.

This example of a ticket page displays the type of ticket the user has in their wallet, how long it is redeemable for, and their checkout information. They can easily scan the QR code for entry, largely but comfortably displayed at the top of this screen.

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